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Meeting Your Bass Fishing Needs in Vero Beach, Florida

East Central Florida hosts some of the best bass fishing in the nation. Stick Marsh/Farm 13, Lake Garcia, and Kenansville Lake are known for trophy bass catches throughout the fishing community. Blue Cypress Lake, known for its beautiful cypress trees, produces nice catches as well.

Now Florida's newest bass factory is open at Headwaters Lake in Fellsmere, FL!

Fish Hand Guide Service is able to provide all of your fresh water fishing needs while fishing Headwaters Lake, the newest, most fantastic fishing destination in the U.S.

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Fish being pulled out of water
Fish with hook near its mouth, decorative line

Meet The Captain

As a Florida native, Dan Hand has had countless catches in both saltwater and freshwater. His 30+ years of fishing experience includes competing in bass fishing tournament trails around the southeastern US, yellowfin tuna fishing in the Bahamas, commercial king-mackerel fishing in the Gulf of Mexico, and numerous trips to the Florida Keys and Everglades National Park.

In addition to being a licensed captain, Dan is a commercially rated pilot in seaplanes and multi-engine aircraft. Whether it’s fishing, hunting, or exploring nature with his wife and three young children. Dan enjoys spending his time outdoors.

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Captain holding up a Largemouth Bass


Man smiling holding Largemouth Bass
Man smiling pulling Largemouth Bass out of water
Man holding a Yellowfin Tuna up
Man holding a Largemouth Bass up next to his fishing pole
Largemouth Bass being held up
Queen Snapper being held up with both hands
Man holding up a Bonefish with both hands
Man holding up a large Red Snapper with both hands

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